Articles published in 2017

Celebrating the Great moments and Preparing for the Bad Ones

I was talking with a business leader yesterday, at a CBMC gathering, who was talking about the unique economic cycles of his industry. He shared that in busy seasons work was plentiful, resources would flow, and life was abundant. However, it was normal to experience unpredictable downturns that would dramatically affect his life. The key he said was to celebrate the great moments and prepare for the bad ones. 


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Choose Thankfulness

For most of us thankfulness doesn’t come naturally. When we start our day, we become focused on the challenges that lie ahead and sometimes the problems of life can make us lose focus on just how blessed we are right now! 1 Thessalonians 5:18 says, “Give thanks in all circumstances.” Our thankfulness is not dependent on the success of the moment but in the one we serve. Today take a moment to slow down. Take your focus off of the problems and challenges you have and make a list of 10 things that make you thankful. Set aside 5 minutes each day and go over this list for the next 7 days. We ar

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Setting Up Others to Succeed

One of the greatest marks of a leader is his ability to set up others to succeed. There are times in life when we cannot complete a goal that is close to our hearts. Even though we may have laid the groundwork, others will complete the task and eventually receive the credit. 


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Last month I was serving on a team while they were deciding to invest in a building. One gentleman, who was a retired coalmine engineer, took it upon himself to run a study to find out what was under the building. I was fascinated to learn that others had plotted out layers of soil and rock thousands of feet below. His concern, of course, was that one day someone could dig under the building, which could affect the structure itself. 


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