I was talking with a business leader yesterday, at a CBMC gathering, who was talking about the unique economic cycles of his industry. He shared that in busy seasons work was plentiful, resources would flow, and life was abundant. However, it was normal to experience unpredictable downturns that would dramatically affect his life. The key he said was to celebrate the great moments and prepare for the bad ones. 


This reminded me of Solomon’s example in 2 Chronicles 6. In this passage Solomon is in the middle of a great moment! The temple is completed and he is praying at the dedication. Israel had been waiting for this moment and mixed into the celebration is a reminder of where to go in the bad moments of life. When anyone wrongs their neighbor.” “When your people Israel have been defeated by an enemy.” “When famine or plague comes to the land.” “When we have sinned, we have done wrong.”  At first glance this looks like the wrong time to mention this in the middle of a celebration. But Solomon is teaching us something here. He is saying that even in the great moments remember where to go when you are in need.   


We know that, as people, we will go through seasons of good and bad times in life and times can change very quickly. In the midst of this, remember that God is constant and consistent in your life. Celebrate with him in the great moments and walk closely with Him. When you do this, you will be ready for the bad ones and know right where to turn when challenges and difficulties arise. 


God bless,

Mike Arnold