One of the greatest marks of a leader is his ability to set up others to succeed. There are times in life when we cannot complete a goal that is close to our hearts. Even though we may have laid the groundwork, others will complete the task and eventually receive the credit. 


In Chronicles 28, David realizes that he is not the one who will be able to lead the building of the temple. His son, Solomon, will complete the project that is close to David’s heart. What happens next is a blueprint of setting up others to succeed. First, David gives authority to his son. He makes this public and lets others know that he will lead the way. Second, he resources him with the plans and dreams that he created. Third, he personally sacrifices and leads others to do the same to resource the temple and help ensure Solomon’s success. 


How well do you set up those behind you? This requires sacrifice, humility, and a heart for a bigger picture than one’s personal success. Take a few moments to read and reflect on 1 Chronicles 28. Are there others you can set up to succeed around you today?


God Bless,

Mike Arnold