2 Chronicles 25:2  “He did what was right in the eyes of the Lord, but not wholeheartedly.” 

The other day a team that I am a fan of lost a very close game.  In the past there were times when a loss like this would have upset me.  My wife noticed a difference and said, “You really took that well.” I explained to my wife that I was prepared to experience a loss that night.  The team I was cheering for was greatly overmatched and it did not put my whole heart into the prospect of them winning.

There are times that we might do the same thing with our faith.  We might think:  “I hope this works out.” or  “I trust God but. . .”  If we are honest there are times when we trust God but not with our whole heart. 

In 2 Chronicles 25 King Amaziah followed God, but not with everything.  When he started his reign he followed the law in a difficult manner of justice.  He listened to Godly counsel and even took a financial loss to trust God in his first battle, which he won!  However, when success came he turned away from God , trusting idols and even his own success.  At one point he was so filled with pride that even a rival who he was challenging told him to humble himself or destruction would come to him and the people he lead. 

This story reminds me of a simple and profound principle:  God wants us to follow him with our whole hearts.  The idols of our lives are sneaky.  They are subtle and often come right after moments of success.  Idols like: pride, greed and comfort can challenge our commitment to Jesus and try to pull a part of our hearts away from Him. 

How about you?  Does God have your whole heart today?  Is he a part of your life or your primary focus.  Is there a sneaky idol that has worked it’s way into your heart? 

Take a few moments to read and reflect on 2 Chronicles 25 and see what happened to King Amaziah when he chose to follow God with a partial heart.  And today, with me, make a commitment to follow God with your whole heart.

God Bless,