Jonah 2:1 From inside the fish Jonah prayed to the Lord his God. He said: “In my distress I called to the Lord, and he answered me.”
I like to have options. You probably do too! When I purchase a new car, for example, the more options the better! But there are times in life when it is better to have focus than options. It is in these seasons of life that God reduces our options to get our attention. 
In Jonah 2 God narrows Jonah’s options even further when he ran from God. When God first called Jonah to go preach to the Ninevites, Jonah had a lot of options: he could choose which route he’d take to get there; he could choose who to invite to go with him on the trip; he could choose when to leave; he could choose what to eat that night; he could choose where to stay. He had a lot of freedom. But he ignored God.
Jonah ran the other way. Now he’s restricted to the area of the boat. His world is a lot smaller, just the upper and lower deck of the boat. The food options are really limited on a boat in those days, not like a cruise today. The only company around was the sailors.
But Jonah still ignored God. Then God sent a storm to get Jonah’s attention. It looked like he might die. The sailors told him, “Call on God!” Jonah still ignored God.  Jonah ends up in the belly of a fish. Talk about restricted options. Can you believe that for three days he still ignores God! Finally, he turns to God and prays. He quits running because there is nowhere else to run. He finally turns to God and reestablishes connection with him in prayer.
Have you ever felt like your options are narrowing? Is it possible that you are running from God? Is He trying to get your attention? 
God’s purpose is not our pain but our surrender. Take a moment today and surrender to God. Just Like Jonah, God is always willing to give you a second chance.  
God Bless,