Jonah 3:1 “Then God spoke to Jonah a second time. . .”

When is the last time you needed a second chance?  I was watching my 10-year-old daughter’s softball game last weekend and was reminded how second chances can make us better.   In this league, when a pitcher throws four balls the defense is given a second chance.  In the big leagues the batter would be allowed to walk to first base, but here a coach comes out and pitches so the batter can hit and the defense can get a chance to field the ball.  This is because 10-year-old girls softball is all about development.  And if they are going to grow they need second chances. 

The same is true in our journey with God.  None of us in life is perfect the first time.  We all need second chances.  The good news is that we can trust God because he is full of mercy, compassion, and redemption. 

How about you today?  Is there an area of your life where you need a second chance?  After a long run away from God, Jonah finally took his second chance and God used him in amazing ways.  The same can be true for you as well! 

Take a moment to read and reflect on what God did with Jonah in chapter 3 and turn back to God today if you need a second chance!


God Bless,