Ephesians 5:21 “Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.” 

In today’s world, everyone seems to be very concerned with their individual rights.  More than any other season in my lifetime, people are easily offended and willing to sever relationships over minor disagreements.  In Ephesians 5 and 6, Paul writes about how we can grow through submitting to each other.

Paul writes about many of our relationships today: husbands and wives, parents and children, servants and bosses, and shows us that God calls us to submit to each other.  We can do this when we choose to lay down our personal rights and consider another’s point of view.  Ultimately, we may even choose to lay down our personal rights even if we believe we are correct because we want to honor the Lord and model the way He has sacrificed for us. 

How about you?  What is your first reaction when someone infringes on your personal rights?  Are you someone who must always get his way?  How can you love your wife today in a sacrificial way?  How should Ephesians 5-6 impact your relationships at home and work?

Take some time to read and reflect on Ephesians 5:21-6:9. Ask the Lord to teach you where you need to grow in this area of your life.