John 5:6-8  “Do you want to get well?  Get up! Pick up your mat and walk.” 

When I was young I worked part-time for my father who owned a family business.  My dad is a happy person and always enjoyed his work.  That is why I was surprised the day I walked into the office and heard him talking to a customer in a tone that was less than happy.  After hanging up he looked at me and explained, “That customer has the product and is delaying payment.  It is time to make us whole!” 

All of us know the frustration that comes when we are not whole.  Whether it is financial, emotional, relational, or physical; when we are less than whole it is frightening.  One day Jesus was walking in Jerusalem and met a man who was not physically whole.  He was laying by a pool with others when Jesus asked him “do you want to get well?”  Now this may seem like a silly question, but at times we are stuck in cycles of self-pity, or we are used to the pain, or we know that we will have to live differently if we are made whole.  When the man said yes, Jesus gave him three simple commands:  Get up.  Pick up your Mat.  Walk. 

Is there a part of your life today that is not whole?  Maybe you are stuck in a thought process or habit that is holding you back.  Maybe you have a relationship that you know needs to change.  Jesus challenges us to take a step of faith and “Get up!  Pick up your mat,” that means don’t return, “and Walk.”  Move ahead into the wholeness that He has made for you today.  Take a few moments to read and reflect on John 5:1-15 and take a step towards wholeness. 

God Bless,