John 8:36 “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”
Have you ever watched someone who is hung up on something? Last month I was moderating a faith-based peer advisory group when the business owner who was hosting shared how he was struggling to find a solution for an issue he had been wrestling with for years. This hang up was more than frustrating it was threatening his business and future. After sharing the issue a group of trusted advisors began to ask questions and suggest possible solutions when then it happened… They stumbled upon a solution that “freed” this owner of the hang up that was troubling him. “I cannot believe I did not see that!” He said, “The solution was right in front of my face!” 
That is what a hang up does. It keeps us from seeing the very thing that can set us free and it is usually right in front of us. In John 8:33-44 Jesus is speaking to a group of people who were missing the truth because they were hung up on a past issue. They believed that their family heritage was enough to make them right with God when God was standing right in front of them. The solution was right in front of their face!
How about you? Have you ever been hung up on an issue in your past that has kept you from experiencing a better future? Do you worry about the future and issues that are out of your control?
There is a freedom that comes when we listen to God and trust Him. Take a moment to read and reflect on John 8:33-44 this weekend. Maybe the freedom for the issue that has you hung up is right in front of your face too.
God Bless,