“The Israelites sampled their provisions but did not inquire of the Lord.” Joshua 9:14

 Have you ever felt stuck in a decision? At times, we can feel paralyzed by the choices we have to make everyday! What we wear, what we eat, career and family choices all take energy and have significant implications on our lives. This can lead us to ask: “How can I make better choices in my life?”

 In Joshua 9, the Israelites learned a hard lesson. God had given them clear instructions and promised results, but they made an uninformed decision. We too, can give away the best that God promises when we don’t ask God for wisdom and make hasty choices on our own. To avoid getting stuck in indecision, ask God before making moral decisions and commitments. We can find his will through prayer, reading scripture, and the counsel of other Christ-followers and if you have already made a wrong choice, honor God and obey him even if it costs. The Israelites realized they made a wrong decision but they didn’t break their oath. That was smart. We never make it right by doing wrong!

 What choices are you facing today? Are you stuck in a decision? Slow it down, pray about your choice, reflect on scripture and seek counsel if needed. Follow God and honor him in all choices today.

 God Bless,