I met today with my “Timothy”, a 26 year old financial services professional. Our discussion revolved around how we got connected about 4 years ago. Our relationship has been an encouragement to both of us- mostly for me. We mused about the notion of how we can reach more men like him as part of the ministry of CBMC. Entry points. My Timothy was connected through a CBMC outreach event where the speaker talked about applying Biblical principles in his work.  My Timothy was intrigued. He wanted to know more and desired to spend more time with the men of CBMC. His next entry point was a weekly Connect3 team.
Starting with a CBMC Connect3 team is a key building block of helping men connect with God, with each other and with the mission of evangelism and discipleship. My Timothy was also interested in going through the Operation Timothy discipleship program with another man so they could learn together. This is multiplication and it is the Biblical model for growth in our ministry.
What about you? Who is your man? Are you asking the Lord for a “Timothy” in your life? This is your moment to create an entry point for those in your sphere of influence and then to multiply the impact of discipleship in Pittsburgh. One man building into the life of another man who will teach others also (2 Timothy 2:2). Join me in the most exciting adventure for a Christian man- Spiritual Reproduction.