Matthew 12:11 “If any of you has a sheep and it falls into a pit on the Sabbath, will you not take hold of it and lift it out?”
I was driving by a store the other day that specializes in selling boxes. All they do is sell different size containers to help organize the stuff that we have. This is fascinating to me because I like boxes. I like to keep my stuff organized and in places where things can easily be found when I need them. There is a form of comfort that comes when you have your life organized in boxes. It feel like things are in control. 
However, there is a problem when we try to put God in a neatly organized box.  If we are honest some of us would love it if God would stay in His box. He could have a great place on an accessible shelf and when we need Him we would know exactly where to go! The problem is that God cannot fit in any box that we try to create for Him. In Matthew 12:1-12 the Pharisees encountered Jesus and he would not fit in the box they created. They had created a list of rules and rituals to follow God and Jesus broke their rules! Because of this mindset they missed an opportunity to receive God’s grace and it affected their relationships with others.
Is there a box that you have put God in today? Have you ever thought God can’t or won’t do something? Have you ever missed an opportunity to care for another because of the box you put them in? 
Take a few moments to read and reflect ton Matthew 12:1-12 and notice how Jesus broke through the boxes of His time. He can still do the same today. 
God Bless