Joshua 24:15  “But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” 

My wife Rachelle serves as a nursing home administrator.  Because of her role I often hear stories from the lives of those she serves.  This unique perspective has provided a pipeline of wisdom and experience into our family.  Everyday she hears the joys, regrets, and reflections of those who look back and remember. 

In Joshua 23-24 we get an inside look as Joshua remembers what God has done in his life.  As a young man he escaped from Egypt.  God parted a sea and he walk through.  He spent 40 years in the desert stuck short of God’s promise and became the apprentice to Moses.  When Moses died he became the leader of God’s people and crossed the Jordan River into the land God promised centuries before.  He led his people to conquer most of the land; fought many battles and seen God do amazing things.  In his lifetime, the Israelites went from slaves to conquerors.  What a life. 

As Joshua looked back he gave instruction on how to live with no regrets.  He said, remember what God has done.  He has shown you grace, rescued you, and blessed you greatly.  As a result he encourages us to choose God daily in our lives. 

Take a moment and reflect on your life today.  How has God shown you grace? When has He given you an opportunity you did not deserve?  Remember the times when He protected you?  Blessed you? Think of the near misses in life and work.  Count the blessings you have today.  Take a few moments to read and reflect on Joshua 23-24 this weekend and live a life that ends with no regrets. 

God Bless,